2014 Club Championships

The final round of the Club Championships was completed on Thursday 8 May, the weather was perfect with the exception of a shower or two early on the final day. There were 92 starters on day one with 61 players completing all four rounds. The course was in perfect playing condition thanks to the Green Superintendent his staff, with minimal machinery activity on course and no barriers or bollards to obstruct the ball or the eye we all had an opportunity to play well. The greens were difficult to negotiate with the speed about 10 on the stimpmeter and the pin placements in what can only be described as diabolical, this was reflected in the scores across all divisions with the winners very deserving of their awards. The final day of competition concluded with the Presentation and Cocktail Party in the Auditorium with most competitors in attendance to applaud the clever winning few. Our 2014 Club Champion is Karen Myles scores a very credible 348 gross of a 9 H/cp to win from Sylvia Saunders who scored 359 of a 13 H/cp which again was a sterling effort. It was a pleasure to see the excitement on Karen’s face as she accepted the Championship Trophy for the sixth time and the Veterans Championships for the second time. This is a fantastic golfing achievement and we are fortunate to have Karen as a member of Everglades, well played Karen. Congratulations to all those who won a prize throughout the event and if you completed all four rounds well done to you!

Club Championship results:
Club Champion: Karen Myles
Division 1 Winner Karen Myles (9) 348 R/up Sylvia Saunders (13) 359
Division 2 Winner Bev Crowther (24) 412 R/up Margaret Murray (25) 418
Division 3 Winner Rhonda Barron (34) 466 R/up Leanne Cornwall (33) 467
Division 1 Winner Ann Radford (17) 307c/b R/up Judy Shanks (21) 307
Division 2 Winner Pat Myles (27) 301 R/up Bev Moore (32) 311
Division 3 Winner Colleen Guy (45) 314 R/up Meg Warr (37) 320
Veterans Championship results:- held in conjunction on days one and two of the Championships
Division 1 Winner: Karen Myles (9) 178 R/up: Hein McManus (9) 180
Division 2 Winner: Wendy White (24) 207 R/up: Judy Hocking (23) 207- playoff
Division 3 Winner: Marie Gaven (36) 230 R/up: Jan Montgomery (34) 230 – playoff
Division 1 Winner: Sylvia Saunders (13) 155 c/b R/up: Judy Andrews (22) 155 c/b
Division 2 Winner: Pat Myles (32) 148 R/up: Margaret Tryler (30) 150
Division 3 Winner: Meg Warr (37) 156 R/up: Colleen Guy (45) 160
There were some very close scores after the second round which resulted in play-offs for the two day Veterans Championships. Division 2 had a play-off between Judy Hocking and Captain Wendy White, Judy had a nightmare first hole in the play-off which gave Wendy a head start for the win. Wendy stated she just had to play steady for the remaining two holes for the win. Division 3 had a three way play-off with Marie Gaven, Jan Montgomery and Meg Warr. It was a close tussle although Marie proved to be just that much better on the day to take out the win. Great work to all players, a play-off is always difficult but as we know there can only be one winner!


2014 Club Championships

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