2014 Shootout Final

The Shoot-Out Final – Tuesday 23 September
What a fun day was had by all who played in and followed the shoot-out! There were nine hopefuls who hit off from the 1st tee following the rest of the field. Captain Wendy, with pencil and clip board in hand, gave the starters their instructions for the day and everyone was attentive and scared of her, which of course was her intention. As there was a late drop out, everyone got a practice hole up the 1st then the real game began on the 2nd. As players dropped out one by one there were two who kept their eye on the prize, Ann Myen and Jackie Moore, being the last two contenders standing. It was very tense coming down the 9th hole and the game came down to a chip off with Ann Myen being the victor. All the players on the day enjoyed the competition and received their glass of champagne upon being knocked-out, which they probably needed by that stage! I think the committee had a couple of glasses as well, this was just to make sure the champagne was acceptable of course. Congratulations to all the players and well played to Ann Meyn.

2014 Shootout Final

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