Captain vs. President’s Day 2014

Captain’s V President’s Day – Thursday 9 October
It was a sea of red and blue on course and the Committee put their order in for fair weather and it was heard, what a tremendous day… and the fun began. As the rivalry was rife between President Jan, who was bantering with Captain Wendy over her, what can only be described as ‘unbelievable’ play. Wendy was having the game of her life and in fact not only did the Captains side win with 570 to 546, Captain Wendy won on the Captain’s side with 39 points, a dream result for any golf Captain! The prizes were sponsored by Bendigo Bank to the tune of $100 which boosted the prize pool for the lucky winners considerably and provided a ball for all those who played on the winning side. Thank you Brian for attending, thank you yet again to Bendigo Bank. The scoring in both the single stableford and the 2BBB was over the field in both the Captains and Presidents sides with congratulations again going to the Captains side, well played to all:-
Captains side:-
Winner: Wendy White (23) 39
R/up: Helen Ferguson (24) 38
3rd place: Ann Kane (24) 37
4th place: Sandy King (24) 34c/b
5th place Jan Patterson (26) 34c/b
Presidents side:-
Winner: Josie Cadden (42) 37
R/up: Heather Burrett (22) 35c/b
3rd place: Kay McKay (21) 35
4th place: Ann Radford (17) 34
5th place Jenny Simmons (26) 33c/b
2BBB Captains side:-
Winners: Pat Myles (33) & Helen Ferguson (24) 48
R/ups: Gwen Gray (14) & Ann Woods (31) 46
3rd place: Wendy White (23) & Delia Shipley (27) 45
2BBB Presidents side:-
Winners: Margaret Hockley (31) & Lynne Fry (34) 44c/b
R/ups: Lesley Wells (24) & Heather Burrett (22) 44
3rd place: Josie Cadden (42) & Paula Hinton (21) 43c/b

Captain vs. President’s Day 2014

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