Charity Donations 2014

2014 CHARITY DONATIONS – Thursday 7 August
This was a special Presentation as the Committee had invited Lorraie Edwards, representing Camp Breakaway and Gwenda Williamson, the Principal of Glenvale School to receive their charity donations from the Women’s Golf Section and Everglades for the year. Lorraie and Gwenda both spoke about their respective charities detailing were the donations would be spent and how important community support is to their ongoing expenses. It seems that play ground areas were on the priority list for the upcoming year, which I’m sure all the kids will enjoy! Both charities received a donation of $2000 from the women’s golf section and President Geoff Callingham, representing Everglades was there to give them both a cheque for $375 making a total donation of $4750.00. Remembering we also gave Woy Woy School a donation of $1000 in January making a total of $5750.00 for this year. What an exceptional effort by you all, thank you for your generosity, the charities will benefit, as will the local families they support.

Charity Donations 2014

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