Visitor’s Day 2014

Visitors Day – Thursday 25 September
The course was full with 30 teams totalling 119 players, this was an excellent response to our annual Visitors Day. We had visitors from thirteen Clubs – Henty, Wallacia, Shelly Beach, Mona Vale, Wakehurst, Magenta, Cromer, Gosford, Terrigal, Morisset, Kew, Cammeray and Howlong.
The weather held until after the last group finished and then the heavens opened with some serious rain, a stroke of luck or some would say, a well planned day! The presentation was held in the Auditorium with lunch and fashion parade, both the food and the fashion were great with attendees enjoying their day at Everglades. Thank you must go to the Committee for a well organised day, these days just don’t happen, so well done to you all…. Congratulations to the lucky winners on the day:-
Winners: P. Mitchell, M. Mead, L. Coombes, H. McManus 57.37 nett R/Up: B. Horner, A. Woods, T. Melnik, B. Moore 57.62 nett
3rd Place: K. McKay, C. Cragen, J. Aandrews, R. Sheehey 60.50 nett
4th Place: K. Yewdall, H. Burrett, P. Clarke, L. Wells 60.87 nett

Visitor’s Day 2014

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