Club Day – Thursday 11 June 2015

The first hit off was 7.58am and unfortunately the weather was overcast and deteriorated to showers throughout the day although all 74 players were in good spirits for our fourth Club Day this year. The District Brooch is also played in conjunction with Club Day, finalising in August, there are only two round remaining to play. Presentation saw about 60 members cheer on the winners and remember if you don’t attend presentation you miss out on a lot of golfing information which enhancers your golfing career plus you could win 3 of a dozen golf balls give out in the lucky players draw held every Thursday. There were only three divisions due to player numbers, well played to:-

Division 1             Sandy King (21)                                 38pts

Division 2             Kathy Yu (28)                     33pts

Division 3             Edna Johnston (44)         33pts

Balls went to 30 c/b

Club Day – Thursday 11 June 2015

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