On a perfect day for golf there 39 pairs hit off with great expectations and excitement in the hope that this would be their year to be in the winner’s circle.

Players agreed that the new format of 4 players, two pairs, worked well and certainly made for a quicker 27 hole game.

The course played as expected for the end of winter with skinny lies making chipping difficult and the greens held their own challenges whilst awaiting renovation in three days time.

Cocktails commenced in the Star Room around 5.15pm which most considered the best part of the day. Most of the winners were there to receive applause and congratulations for a game well played, as we know foursomes is the hardest game of all to play and if you come out winners you have done well.

Thank you to all for a great day of golf the BBQ ‘boys’ Bob Saunders and Murrell Jarvis, Murrell also did the first 18 hole cards! There is a lot of preparation to run the foursomes Captain Wendy and President Jan did a fantastic job as did all the Committee, the day ran like clockwork, thank you to all who assisted.

This event is sponsored annually by the early morning Tuesday Swampie’s Golf section to the tune of $200 thanks to them for making the prize amounts sensational for the happy winners:-


Division 1

27 Holes Club Champions                             Div 1      S.Saunders & T. Melnik   13         125

27 Holes Gross Runner up                            Div 1      G.Gray & P. Elliott            12 ½      126

27 Holes Nett Winners                                   Div 1      W.White & H. Burrett     20 ½       108 ¼

27 Holes Nett Runner up                              Div 1      H.Ferguson & J. Moffat    19 ½       112 ¾

Division 2

27 Holes Gross Winner                                  Div 2      R.Ross & L. Swan           27 ½       154

27 Holes Gross Runner up                            Div 2      C.Walker & P. Myles       31           160 c/b

27 Holes Nett Winners                                   Div 2      F.Slade & S. Smith          35 ½       108 ¾

27 Holes Nett Runner up                              Div 2      P.Taylor & C. Post            37           113 ½


18 Holes Nett Winners                                   G.Gray & P.Elliott                          12 ½      67 ½

18 Holes Nett Runners up                            H.Ferguson & J.Moffat                  19 ½       68 ½

18 Holes Nett 3Rd                                            S.Saunders & T. Melnik               13          69

18 Holes Nett 4th                                             W.White & H. Burrett                   20 ½      72 ½

9 Hole Nett Winners                                       F.Slade & S. Smith                          35 ½       32 ¼

Ball Comp. on 18 Holes net over field   77 ½

Ffoursomes Champs Melnik and Saunders

Foursomes Div 1 Nett winners White and BurrettFoursomes gros rup Ddiv 1 Gray and ElliottFoursomes Div 2 Nett rup Carol Post andFoursomes Div 2 Winners Ros Ros and Lisa SwanFoursomes Nett winners Smith and SladeFoursomes Div 2 gross rup Myles and Wwalker


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