Death by Chocolate – Thursday 17 September

Thanks to the $200 sponsorship from Brian Reid of Coastal Funerals at Umina this day was again a success. All the prize winners received the usual prize money plus large boxes of chocolates and there were also extra boxes of Llindt to provide a total of eight raffle prizes on the day.

As the rest of the coast was experiencing rain, hail and storms somehow Royal Everglades missed it completely with all players able to finish their round without a drop, amazing! The greens were rolling nicely after coming back from their recent renovation and should be at their very best in time for the upcoming Pro Am in early October. The fairways also had more grass coverage which reflected in the better scores with the DSR being a respectable 72.

Brian Reid was in attendance to present the prizes to the winners who appreciated the kisses n’ chocolates, congratulation goes to:-

Div. 1     Denice Dickson(19)         +3

Div. 2     Raelene Biddolph(27)    +2

Div. 3     Coral Walker(32)              +4

Div. 4     Maria McCarthy(40)        +5

2BBB Winners:- Maria McCarthy(40) and Rhonda Wright(43)       +10c/b

Death by Chocolate – Thursday 17 September

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