The Shoot-Out Final – Tuesday 22 September

There were ten eager competitors awaiting hit off at the 1st tee at 9.15am. Caro Roope was at the helm as referee due to the fact that Capt. Wendy White was one of the ten players competing. All players listened to the referee’s instructions attentively and Caro was so very professional in her delivery you would have been forgiven for thinking you were on the 1st hole at Augusta. President Jan and Secretary Lesley Wells were assisting on the day by carry an esky filled with bottles of champagne and glasses, of cause this is the most important job of the day! Players dropped out one by one and received their full, numbered champagne glass until there were only two, Karen Myles and Rhonda Baron hitting off on the 9th hole. The final play came down to a chip off with Rhonda Baron being the victor to take out the Shoot out, Rhonda felt she had not played her best golf but chipped and putted her way to success!

Congratulations to all the players and well played to Rhonda Baron.Shoot out winner Rhonda Baron with Runner up Karen MylesShootout Final - Winner Rhonda Baron

Shootout winner Rhonda BaronShoot out 18th Hole winner Rhonda Baron

The Shoot-Out Final – Tuesday 22 September

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