Ham Day -November 19, 2015

As the name implies, winners and runners up prizes today were…hams.

Excited recipients were Gwen Gray & Patsy Elliott from Division 1, Jan Weiley & Ann Kane  Division 2, Ros Ross & Lyn Fry  Division 3, Ann Crowe & Maria McCarthy  Division 4.

The day was hot, but when you’re a winner – it’s not so bad!

Donna, with her clever disguise of a Blues Brother made up and served most welcome chilled champagne and orange.

Winner Div 1 Gwen Gray
Gwen – Div 1
Div 1 Rup Patsy
Patsy – Div 1
Div 2 Winner Jan Weily
Jan – Div 2
Div 3 winner Ros Ross
Ros – Div 3
Div 4 Winner Ann Crowe
Ann – Div 4
Div 4 rup Maria MaCarthy
Maria – Div 4
Donna at Punch
Santa Blues Brother





Ham Day -November 19, 2015

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