We had a marvellous turnout for this years Presentation and lunch, held in the auditorium. The tables were dressed beautifully and looked most festive, as did all our ladies.

An address by President Jan, followed by Captain Wendy began the formal part of the day, then on to the presentation of trophies and prizes. As usual, there were many surprised and jubilant winners throughout the proceedings. It’s always a thrill to find out you’ve won a prize and then of course, that’s what brings you back to golf each and every time, throughout the peaks – and troughs of our golfing year!

Anne Woods and Jan Binstead were both acknowledged by President Jan for their 40 years as members of Everglades Women’s golf.

The luncheon was widely praised and enjoyed by all, and as always, the staff were terrific.

As there was no Christmas show this year (maybe next year?), the committee voted, with some trepidation, to have a jukebox, and what a hit that proved to be. The dance floor was packed,- some interesting moves were noted, none more so than during ‘Nutbush’ – it was obvious quite a few of the ladies had had line dancing experience!

Enjoy this Christmas with family and friends, and if it’s not too hot – see you out on the course.





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