January 2016

2016, and ready for another year of great golf and good friendships.

Just a bit of housekeeping before the year begins –

Everglades Country Club Merit Awards were presented last year to Donna Mitchell and Heather Burrett for their 10 (or more) years of service. Congratulations to both women for this well deserved award.


Registration Day on Feb 2. Your compulsory costs will be $27, if you wish to be eligible for the 3 optional competitions – Goodwill Plate, Golf NSW Medal and the Shootout, your total cost will be $37, and you are urged to take a $20 raffle book to sell tickets for our charity raffle. The full list and explanation of all the payments are in the locker room.

Opening Day & presentation of the Summer Cup on Feb 4. A Stableford team event with 3 scores to count, so get your team organised – maybe wardrobe coordination between the 4!

A reminder that each player will be now responsible for the recording of their own ‘gobblers’ each round. There will be a sheet up in the locker room all year for this purpose.

There is a new format for District Pennants this year, the explanation of this is also on the notice board in the locker room.

CCWGA District Open Day, Monday 22 Feb at Gosford GC.  A Stableford team event, so get a team together and support our District.

Housekeeping done…

January 2016

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