July 2016

Mufti Day – held in the middle of the year for the first time. The game played was a 4 person dropout ambrose, (of course, not implying the players were dropouts), and the winners on a count back with a score of 62 and a half’ish’, were Dr. Helena, Lisa Swan, Lorraine George & Jill Fraser. The runners up Coral Walker, Pat Clarke, Mon Capitan & Heather Burrett. As the name implies, it is a dress up day, and the theme was ‘anything but golf gear’, – what can be said, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! The bridal party were the costume winners on the day – what an attractive group!

The heavens opened this month on our Day of Golf consequently resulting in a much reduced field;  however, probably channeling that great Eric Clapton song – ‘Let it Rain’, 51 brave women battled the elements for the 2016 Everglades Salver, Bowl & Longmarkers Cup. Yvonne Boardman from Toukley won the Salver with a great score of 83 gross (she plays off 1!), our own Marg Murray took home the Bowl with a score of 99 gross, and Dee Barham from Breakers won the Longmarkers Cup with a stableford score of 36. Quite a few stayed for the presentation of the trophies, which was terrific.

The rain persisted two days later, therefore the July medal was postponed to the following week, but still 28 women donned the wet weather gear and swung the clubs for 18 holes (or less) – it is an outdoor sport!
With the Medal round finally played, albeit a reduced field of 64, the Division1 winner was Trish Melnik with a score of 72, as was the winner of Division 2 Judy Shanks. Also with 72, Lynette Magill for Division 3. Goodonya girls.

Again,…in the rain and a small field of 33, Thursday 21st the 3BBB par was also a qualifying round for the Gwen Thompson Shield and the team this year playing for the shield at Wyong in September will be Trish Melnik, Sylvia Saunders & Caro Roope – let’s hope the Shield ends up in the trophy cabinet at Everglades.
We’re now at the pointy end of the 2B Knockout with Lynette Magill & Cathy Byrne playing Marg Hockley & Val Stanford – good golfing to all.
Also a reminder of the CCWGA District Charity Day @ Everglades on August 22nd. You will have to qualify on July 28 to play this event.
The Women’s Country Meeting this year put on by Golf NSW is from 5th to the 8th September. Monday 5th Sept at Shelly Beach GC, Tuesday 6th Sept at Wyong GC, and Thursday 8th Sept at Magenta Shores. It will cost $50 each game. Go to the Golf NSW website for details of this event. http://www.golfnsw.org/golfbox#/competition/537483/info
That’s it for another month, and if you’re off travelling for a time, don’t forget,…Everglades is your spiritual home.

July 2016

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