AGM time once more on the 20th October- the nomination forms for committee are in the ladies locker room, so if you would like to contribute to the running of women’s golf please fill out a form. It is most worthwhile and, satisfying. So go on – give it a go!

The CCWGA district charity day was held in August at Everglades this year, with Patsy Elliott winning a division 1 Stableford Brooch. Also in August we had a couple of fun games because of course renovations, one of the games being 3 clubs and a putter. How many of us realised after the game that we’ve probably got 10 too many clubs in the bag!

The September Medal sponsored by Bendigo Bank resulted in great scores for the winners – Div 1, Gwen Gray with 69, Div 2, Meg Warr 66 and Div 3, Maria McCarthy with an amazing 63.

Another event this month was the district Gwen Thompson Shield played in a 3BBB format at Wyong with an aggregate over 3 teams. This year was won by Everglades, (and it’s been a long time between drinks,) last won by us in 2005 I believe. Jan Monty, Fay Spence and Del Taylor – +9, Carmel Brown, Judy Shanks and Jenny Bourne – +7, Trish Melnik, Sylvia Saunders and Caro Roope – +3. Excellent golf.

The Club Foursomes Championships have now been completed, congrats to all competitors – 27 holes is a long walk! The forecast rain held off for the most part, and the sausage sandwiches this year after 18 holes were extremely tasty – so a good day was had by all. (I personally am talking about the company, not the golf!). The Star Room was set up beautifully for our drinks and presentation, with gorgeous flowers courtesy of Heather Burrett’s garden. Donna took on the Presidents role in the absence of Jan, who is doing it very tough at the moment, and I know all of us send our thoughts and best wishes to her.
Captain Wendy announced the winners as follows –

Division 1 Gross Winners Karen Myles & Lyn McMurray 121
Runners Up Pat Clarke & Ann Radford 127

Division 1 Nett Winners Jenny Simmons & Vicki Gray 105.75
Runners Up Raelene Biddolph & Di Voss 108.25

Division 2 Gross Winners Fay Spence & Marg Murray 151
Runners Up Jacquie Crawford & Del Taylor 154

Division 2 Nett Winners Rhonda Wright & Marilyn McAlpine 98.5
Runners Up Ann Crowe & Joan Forwood 106.50

18 Hole Event of the Day over the field – Pat Clarke & Ann Radford 63.5
9 Hole Event of the Day over the field – Rhonda Wright & Marilyn McAlpine 23.5.

The Shoot Out final will have been played by publication, but I’m sure all those who competed thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially the champagne, for those that were eliminated after each hole.

And finally, I’m sure we have all noticed how adroitly Sandy King is matching her fabulous array of scarves to her golf outfits!

Until next time, enjoy your golf and your friendships.


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