JUNE 2016


‘Tempus fugit’ – or, for those of us who don’t speak Latin … Time flies! Where did the first half of 2016 get to?

June began with the Bendigo Bank monthly medal, also incorporating the 4th round of the Golf NSW medal and the shootout, so a lot to play for each month – no pressure!
Division 1 winner was Karen Myles, for Division 2 Maureen Muncey and Rhonda Barron came up trumps for Division 3. Well played to these women.

Pennants on Monday 6th was a complete washout, thanks to the atrocious ‘east coast low’ that hit NSW that weekend. We have one more round to play, but, unfortunately despite the tremendous enthusiasm and effort by all our players no trophies for Everglades this year.

Halfway through the month we played a par and 2ball vs par game which was also a qualifier for the GOLF NSW Fourball Championship, terrific play by Kaye Mckay and Judy Andrews will see them representing Everglades in the final, played at Shelly Beach in October. The individual division winners on the day were – Kaye McKay, Mon Capitan and Cathy Byrne.

I think the following will resonate with all of our members, and thank you to Ann Woods for sending it on:-
A Group of Girlfriends

A group of girlfriends, all age 40, discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the waiters there had tight pants and nice buns.
10 years later, at age 50, the friends once again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant, because the food was good and the wine selection was excellent.
10 years later, at age 60, the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant, because they could dine in peace and quiet and the restaurant had a beautiful view of the ocean.
10 years later, at age 70, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant, because the restaurant was wheelchair accessible and had an elevator.
10 years later, at 80 years of age, the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant, because they had never been there before.

Enjoy your friends and your golf.

JUNE 2016

May 2016

My apologies for the tardiness in posting the May blog – time just gets away!

On Thursday April 28, President Jan on behalf of Everglades women’s golf was delighted to present $1000 worth of pantry and household goods to the Umina Salvation Army for the use of families in need on the Peninsula.Sal Army1





As I’m sure you are all aware, our Club Championships began on Tuesday 3rd May to blue sunny skies that continued onto the 2nd round on Thursday and the 3rd and final round the following Tuesday. Nerves were not outwardly evident, however both the practice nets and putting greens were given a more than usual workout for the three rounds!  The Thursday was also our medal round for this month. Well done to Lyn McMurray, Raelene Biddolph and Rhonda Barron for winning medals in their respective divisions. The last day of the Champs was our Ambrose/American Foursomes ‘fun day’. This day proved very popular with our members both this year and in 2015 with 104 entrants for the day. The happy winners were Hien McManus & Peggy Mitchell – well played ladies.

The luncheon that followed was well received, and a thank you to Everglades staff who prepared and served us (always with good grace). President Jan set up the prizes table with a fabulous gladioli display.

The Championships once again were sponsored by Umina Podiatry, represented by an always smiling Damian presenting the trophies. Apart from a few, most of our winners were not aware of their achievement until their name was announced by Mon Capitan, resulting in very surprised and happy women.

Our Club Champion for 2016 was Karen Myles with a score of 261, after a hotly contested 3 hole playoff with Sylvia Saunders .  This is the 8th year Karen has won this event – a stunning achievement by anyone’s standards. Gross Runner up was Lyn McMurray with a score of 268.

Karen & trophy


Lyn McM 2

Division 2 Gross winner was well by deserved Judy Shanks posting a score of 303, with Irene Hyland runner up on a c/b of 321.

Judy S    Irene Hyland 1 - Copy

The Division 3 gross was won by a most surprised and mighty happy Carmel Brown, with a score of 343. Coral Walker on a score of 345 on a c/b was runner up.

Carmel B    Coral Walker1

The Nett for 54 holes in Division 1 was deservedly won by Sylvia Saunders (228), with a new member, Stephanie Rapmund runner up (229), a jubilant Judy Andrews topped Division 2 (231), and Jan Patterson was runner up (237 c/b). Meryll Mead topped the Division 3 leaderboard (236), with runner up Ann Crowe (241). At the time of this blog post, I do not have photos of the nett winners, but I will rectify this a sap.

The weather appears to be a bit more brisk in the morning, so I guess it’s now time to pack away those shorts, get the long pants out, air those jumpers and buy a packet of hand warmers at the chemist.

Keep enjoying your friends and your golf.







May 2016

February 2016

Welcome back ladies to the 2016 golfing year which, owing to ‘lousy’ weather our opening day began a week later with much enthusiasm by all our members who played on the day.

It was good to be at Presentation again, and warmly welcomed by President Jan & Mon Capitan Wendy, and suitably oiled with champagne and chocolates dispensed by Donna.

As always, the first order of business at the beginning of year is the presentation of the Summer Cup, generously sponsored by Edwards Butchers. Our winner this year (by a country mile) is Gwen Gray – congrats Gwen on your great play. The prizes were presented by Jo Edwards.

There are also a couple of milestones this year – we all congratulate Jan Binstead for her 40 year membership of Everglades, and to Lois Elworthy who is now an octogenarian… great going Lois.

If you have put your name down for Pennants this year now is the time to either bone up or refresh yourself on the art and the rules of match play. There are plenty of members who have pennants experience and would be happy to help.

Slightly different this year, in putting your name on the sheet for a medal round. Please fill out across (not down) the line in your division.

All those who qualified for the Singles Knockout – enjoy your game and play well.

It may seem a little early in mentioning our Open/Invitation Day (April 12), but it would be great to have many visitors, so get a team organised in plenty of time.

Enjoy your golf and have fun.







February 2016

January 2016

2016, and ready for another year of great golf and good friendships.

Just a bit of housekeeping before the year begins –

Everglades Country Club Merit Awards were presented last year to Donna Mitchell and Heather Burrett for their 10 (or more) years of service. Congratulations to both women for this well deserved award.


Registration Day on Feb 2. Your compulsory costs will be $27, if you wish to be eligible for the 3 optional competitions – Goodwill Plate, Golf NSW Medal and the Shootout, your total cost will be $37, and you are urged to take a $20 raffle book to sell tickets for our charity raffle. The full list and explanation of all the payments are in the locker room.

Opening Day & presentation of the Summer Cup on Feb 4. A Stableford team event with 3 scores to count, so get your team organised – maybe wardrobe coordination between the 4!

A reminder that each player will be now responsible for the recording of their own ‘gobblers’ each round. There will be a sheet up in the locker room all year for this purpose.

There is a new format for District Pennants this year, the explanation of this is also on the notice board in the locker room.

CCWGA District Open Day, Monday 22 Feb at Gosford GC.  A Stableford team event, so get a team together and support our District.

Housekeeping done…

January 2016

Vets Closing Day – Tuesday 27 October 2015

It was a 8am shot gun with players arriving from 7am and there were 76 starters which was a great roll up considering the grey showery weather conditions. The event was a Single Stableford with prizes OTF and in age groups with a 4 person team with 2 scores to count in conjunction. There were 28 prize vouchers presented for great golf scores and 16 prizes for the NTP and wavy drives plus the ‘No Mobile Phone Trivia Quiz’ which proved to be very challenging for all groups. If you weren’t lucky enough on course there was always the raffle which was generously supported with many donations, thank you again to those who so kindly contributed.

Well done to the winners on the day, great scores and some great fun had!

IMG_0699 IMG_0706 IMG_0704 (3) IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0696 IMG_0692 IMG_0691 IMG_0688 IMG_0702 IMG_0690 (2) IMG_0704 (3)

Numbers of starters:-       76                   Weather Conditions:- showers 20C
Winner Carol Hartwell $50.00
Runner up Yvonne Kerkin $40.00
3rd place Ann Meyn $30.00
4th place Jenny Simmons $25.00
Winner Pat Clarke $20.00
Runner up Raelene Biddoff $15.00
OVER 60 years
Winner Judy Shanks $20.00
Runner up Jan Weiley $15.00
OVER 70 years
Winner Sandra Balneaves $20.00
Runner up Lynnette Magill $15.00
OVER 80 years
Winner Lorna Turner $20.00
Runner up Margaret Quinlivan $15.00
4 Person Team SCORE PRIZE  
Marie Gaven Sandy King
Carol Hartwell Yvonne Kerkin 4 x $25
Runners up
Vicki Gray Jenny Simmons
Judy Shanks Lorna Turner 4 x $20
3rd Place
Raelene Biddoff Lorraine Stevenson
Merryll Mead Ann Kane 4 x $15
4th Place
Fay Spence Pat Clarke
Josie Cadden Lesley Wells 4 x $10
Div. 1 – 4th 0-22 Jackie Moore Over 50 – 18th Mella Weatho
Div. 2 – 4th 23-29 Vicki Gray Over 60 – 18th Pat Taylor
Div. 3 – 8th 30-36 June Cooper Over 70 – 18th Denice Dickson
Div. 4 – 8th 37-45 Lois Elworthy Over 80 – 18th Fay Spence
Div.1 – 12th 0-22 Jackie Moore 12 x Box Chocs and 32 balls
Div. 2 – 12th 23-29 Margaret Hockley
Div. 3 – 17th 30-36 Denise Manfredotti
Div. 4 – 17th 37-45 Lois Elworthy
BALLS TO – SINGLES: 30 4 Person Team: 81
TRIVIA P. Clarke, L. Wells, J. Cadden and F. Spence ………………………….
Vets Closing Day – Tuesday 27 October 2015

Medal of Medals – Thursday 1 October

One of our most prestigious events, the Medal of Medals was played under sunny skies with 18 eligible starters chaffing at the bit to win Gold. The scores from the 70 starters on the day were very solid with balls going to 74c/b, this is partly due to improved course conditions due to recent wet weather followed by some hot sun days. Congratulations goes to Karen Myles scoring a 77 of the stick 68nett of a 9h/cp. Karen was thrilled to achieve a course record for the new course and was delighted to be the recipient of the 2015 Medal of Medals. Well done to all the others who played great golf on the day!

Division 1             Karen Myles (14)              68 nett

Division 2             Lynette Fry (31)                 69 nett

Division 3             Louis Elworthy (41)            71 nett

Picture 002       Picture 001

Medal of Medals – Thursday 1 October

The Shoot-Out Final – Tuesday 22 September

There were ten eager competitors awaiting hit off at the 1st tee at 9.15am. Caro Roope was at the helm as referee due to the fact that Capt. Wendy White was one of the ten players competing. All players listened to the referee’s instructions attentively and Caro was so very professional in her delivery you would have been forgiven for thinking you were on the 1st hole at Augusta. President Jan and Secretary Lesley Wells were assisting on the day by carry an esky filled with bottles of champagne and glasses, of cause this is the most important job of the day! Players dropped out one by one and received their full, numbered champagne glass until there were only two, Karen Myles and Rhonda Baron hitting off on the 9th hole. The final play came down to a chip off with Rhonda Baron being the victor to take out the Shoot out, Rhonda felt she had not played her best golf but chipped and putted her way to success!

Congratulations to all the players and well played to Rhonda Baron.Shoot out winner Rhonda Baron with Runner up Karen MylesShootout Final - Winner Rhonda Baron

Shootout winner Rhonda BaronShoot out 18th Hole winner Rhonda Baron

The Shoot-Out Final – Tuesday 22 September