Mufti Day – Thursday 26 November

You could say it was hot! The mercury reached 38 celsius (100 degrees).  Thankfully it was decided by President Jan, costumes need not be worn on the course, however there were those that had no shorts to change into, so those brave souls soldiered on with good grace. Needless to say, the air conditioning inside the clubhouse was most welcome, as was the wonderful champagne punch and fruit cake, again organised and served by Donna, a fitting end to our Closing Day for the year.

The game was a 4 person waltz stableford won with a score of 89 by Ann Kane, Jan Patterson, Cathy Yu and Jackie Moore, closely followed in second place with a score of 88 by Maureen Botha, Ann Crowe, Vena Kennedy and Tina Lane, who also won the prize for best costume.


Mufti Day – Thursday 26 November

Jackie Moore scores a Hole in One! – Thursday 12 November

It was a sunny day with 87 starters playing ‘just another Stableford’ but Jackie Moore made it a  a special day for her achieving a Hole in One on the 17th par 3! From all accounts it was a great shot with her driver straight into the hole. Jackie seemed calm enough with her fantastic play although her playing partners were beside themselves to witness such an achievement… well done Jackie, Jackie also won Division 1 on the day and congratulations goes to the other Divisional winners: Div. 2 Carol Hartwell, Div. 3 Val Stanford and Ddiv. 4 Ann Crowe.



Div 3 Winner Val Stanford   Div. 4 Winner Ann Crowe

Jackie Moore scores a Hole in One! – Thursday 12 November

Vets Closing Day – Tuesday 27 October 2015

It was a 8am shot gun with players arriving from 7am and there were 76 starters which was a great roll up considering the grey showery weather conditions. The event was a Single Stableford with prizes OTF and in age groups with a 4 person team with 2 scores to count in conjunction. There were 28 prize vouchers presented for great golf scores and 16 prizes for the NTP and wavy drives plus the ‘No Mobile Phone Trivia Quiz’ which proved to be very challenging for all groups. If you weren’t lucky enough on course there was always the raffle which was generously supported with many donations, thank you again to those who so kindly contributed.

Well done to the winners on the day, great scores and some great fun had!

IMG_0699 IMG_0706 IMG_0704 (3) IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0696 IMG_0692 IMG_0691 IMG_0688 IMG_0702 IMG_0690 (2) IMG_0704 (3)

Numbers of starters:-       76                   Weather Conditions:- showers 20C
Winner Carol Hartwell $50.00
Runner up Yvonne Kerkin $40.00
3rd place Ann Meyn $30.00
4th place Jenny Simmons $25.00
Winner Pat Clarke $20.00
Runner up Raelene Biddoff $15.00
OVER 60 years
Winner Judy Shanks $20.00
Runner up Jan Weiley $15.00
OVER 70 years
Winner Sandra Balneaves $20.00
Runner up Lynnette Magill $15.00
OVER 80 years
Winner Lorna Turner $20.00
Runner up Margaret Quinlivan $15.00
4 Person Team SCORE PRIZE  
Marie Gaven Sandy King
Carol Hartwell Yvonne Kerkin 4 x $25
Runners up
Vicki Gray Jenny Simmons
Judy Shanks Lorna Turner 4 x $20
3rd Place
Raelene Biddoff Lorraine Stevenson
Merryll Mead Ann Kane 4 x $15
4th Place
Fay Spence Pat Clarke
Josie Cadden Lesley Wells 4 x $10
Div. 1 – 4th 0-22 Jackie Moore Over 50 – 18th Mella Weatho
Div. 2 – 4th 23-29 Vicki Gray Over 60 – 18th Pat Taylor
Div. 3 – 8th 30-36 June Cooper Over 70 – 18th Denice Dickson
Div. 4 – 8th 37-45 Lois Elworthy Over 80 – 18th Fay Spence
Div.1 – 12th 0-22 Jackie Moore 12 x Box Chocs and 32 balls
Div. 2 – 12th 23-29 Margaret Hockley
Div. 3 – 17th 30-36 Denise Manfredotti
Div. 4 – 17th 37-45 Lois Elworthy
BALLS TO – SINGLES: 30 4 Person Team: 81
TRIVIA P. Clarke, L. Wells, J. Cadden and F. Spence ………………………….
Vets Closing Day – Tuesday 27 October 2015

PINK RIBBON DAY – Thurday 15 October

What a perfectly pink day, the weather, the course and the players were all looking just gorgeous, as was our sponsor Leigh Morris (that’s coming from his mother). There were 22 teams of four trialling a new format… 3 scores for par 5’s, 2 scores for par 4’s and 1 score for par 3’s the game proved to be very popular and kept all competitors involved throughout the game. Leigh Morris from Sydney Financial Services sponsored the day to the tune of $200 and also attended presentation to give his congratulations and kisses to all the winners. If you, your family or friends are looking for any financial advice, consider giving Leigh a call he would be only too happy to assist.

To maximise the fund raising for Breast Cancer Research on this day the Committee ran a special Raffle which raised $510 thanks to Heather Burrett who did an excellent job selling tickets to everyone who looked her way. There was also the sale of Pink Ribbon’s to use on course which raised around $120 although the final tally has yet to be calculated it is expected it should match last year’s donation of $1000. Thank you all for your continued generosity towards our Club’s fund raising efforts, well done, we could not contribute without you!

Prizes went to 5th place, well played to the winners:-

Winners:- Gwen Gray, Margaret Quinlivan, Ann Meyn and Jane Moffat – 87pts

R/up :- Donna Mitchell, Adele Taylor, Wendy White and Pat Clarke – 84pts c/b

3rd place:- Margaret Tryler, Julie Elliott, Barbara Horner and Yvonne Kerkin – 84pts

4th place:- Anne Kendall, Maria McCarthy, Tina Hando and Jan Weiley – 83pts

5th place:- Lorraine Linnert, Lesley Wells, Delia Shipley and Murrell Jarvis – 81pts

Winners M. Quinlivan, A. Meyn,G. Gray & J. Moffat          rup W.White, A. Taylor, D. Mitchell & P. Clarke

3rd place Y. Kerkin, M. Tryler, B. Horner & J. Elliott         4th Place J. Weiley, M. MacCarthy, A. Kendall & Tina Hando

005       021

022        013

007        018

023      016

PINK RIBBON DAY – Thurday 15 October

Captain’s V President’s Day – Thursday 9 October

It looked fantastic, you could see red and blue across the course everywhere, all teh players certainly got into the spirit of the day. At the first tee both the Presidents and the Captains carts were decorated in their appropriate colour and it was game on between Wendy and Jan… the Vices were simply there to keep the peace throughout the 18 hole battle.

The prizes were again sponsored by Bendigo Bank which boosted the prize pool considerably and provided a ball for all those who played on the winning side and again thank you Brian for attending presentation and receiving kisses.

Congratulations again went to the Captains side for the fourth year in a row with the final overall score – Presidents 878 to the Captains 892, only fourteen shots between them! Be assured the Presidents side will bring a fierce fight back next year… well played in fantastic spirit to all who attended:-


Captains side:-

Winner:                Caro Roope (20)               39

R/up:                     Margaret Quinlivan (43)   38

3rd place:              Margaret Murray (24)         37

4th place:              Lisa Swan (24)                    36


Presidents side:-

Winner:                Rhonda Wright (42)         38

R/up:                     Lesley Wells (24)            37

3rd place:              Lois Elworthy (40)            36c/b

4th place:              Donna Mitchell (15)           36


2BBB Captains side:-

Winners:              Margaret Quinlivan (43) & Jill Fraser(34)             47

R/ups:                   Caro Roope(20) & Wendy White (20)                 46

3rd place:              Margaret Murray(24) (24) & Delia Shipley (31)    45


2BBB Presidents side:-

Winners:              Lois Elworthy (40) & Jan Weily (25)                45

R/ups:                   Lesley Wells (24) & Heather Burrett (20)       44c/b

3rd place:              Julie Elliott (27) & Lorraine George (20)          44029025

026         028

027        004

015         011

017       018

019      020

022     021

Captain’s V President’s Day – Thursday 9 October

Medal of Medals – Thursday 1 October

One of our most prestigious events, the Medal of Medals was played under sunny skies with 18 eligible starters chaffing at the bit to win Gold. The scores from the 70 starters on the day were very solid with balls going to 74c/b, this is partly due to improved course conditions due to recent wet weather followed by some hot sun days. Congratulations goes to Karen Myles scoring a 77 of the stick 68nett of a 9h/cp. Karen was thrilled to achieve a course record for the new course and was delighted to be the recipient of the 2015 Medal of Medals. Well done to all the others who played great golf on the day!

Division 1             Karen Myles (14)              68 nett

Division 2             Lynette Fry (31)                 69 nett

Division 3             Louis Elworthy (41)            71 nett

Picture 002       Picture 001

Medal of Medals – Thursday 1 October

It was a very cool shot gun start at 8.00am which saw 108 teams hit off with players from Shelly Beach, Gosford, Wyong, Breakers and Howlong Golf Clubs. This year the event was a four person Ambrose with the yellow survival ball to keep players on their game throughout play.

The famous hospitality of the Everglades morning tea was well received and thank you to those members who baked and bought goodies on the day, Pat Harrison’s sausage rolls were a highlight.. yummy!

Presentation and lunch was held in the Auditorium which was well received by all with players saying they enjoyed their day on and off the course. Thank you to the Committee for a well organised day and congratulations to the lucky winners on the day:-

Winners:              S. King, A. Radford, M, Macalpine, R, Wright          53.75 nett

R/Up:                   G, Gray, K. Myles, P. Myles and L. McMurray          55.62 nett

3rd Place:             B. Moore, P. Clarke, H. Burrett and J. Anderson     60.00 nett

4th Place:             J. Moore, C. Cayley, In Lee and J. Crawford            60.37 nett

From 5th place Balls went to 62.75

Invitation Day winners Sanday King, Ann Radford, Rhonda Wright and Maria MacalpineInvitation Day Rup Gwen Gray, Karen & Pat Myles and Lynn McMurray

Invitation Day 3rd PlaceInvitation Day 4th Place